ANCAMTA Firm - Experts for Water and Civil Engineering, Mining and Energy, Capacity Building and Management Consulting

Civil Engineering

ANCAMTA Experts is civil engineering company in Somaliland. ANCAMTA experts, consultants, and associates have extensive experience in civil engineering discipline which covers to design, construct, and supervise construction and maintenance of building structures and infrastructure, such as roads, bridges, irrigation projects and power plants.

Our civil engineering focuses more of the following:

• Technical and feasibility studies

• Site investigations and master planning

• Development of detailed designs including specs and bid documents

• Actual construction of contracted designs

• Construction quality management

• Managing budgets and project resources

• Scheduling material and equipment purchases and deliveries

• Making sure legal requirements and health and safety

• Assessing the sustainability and environmental impact of projects

• Development project sustainability analysis

• Conducting conflict and risk analysis

• Construction management and inspection services