We are ANCAMTA Experts for Water Engineering, Civil Engineering, Management Consulting, Capacity Building, Energy and Mining Sectors. We are based in Hargeisa but we operate in the Somali Peninsula.

Capacity Building

ANCAMTA Experts is capacity building company in Somaliland. ANCAMTA Capacity building refers to enhancing the skills, knowledge, and abilities of individual and organizations. Adapted from the Thesis Report of Master’s Degree in Development Studies of Mohamed Farah, ANCAMTA Managing Director on " Challenges of Public Institutional Capacity Development in Somaliland: An Analysis of Capacity Building Approaches and Institutional Arrangements", ANCAMTA provides capacity building services through two main themes: Capacity Building Cycle and Institutional Arrangements.

Capacity building cycle deals with:

1. Capacity needs assessment

2. Capacity building planning

3. Capacity building strategy

4. Capacity building implementation

5. Capacity building evaluation.

Institutional arrangement deals with:

1. Enabling environment

2. Organizational and systems

3. Leadership and governance

4. Technical assistance



ANCAMTA undertakes capacity building activities through the following approaches:

- Providing access to information through databases, libraries, and websites

- Publications and manuals

- Training (public, distance/ direct or on-line

- Consultation through coaching, mentoring, facilitating and expert advice

- Coordination through workspace, mailing group, and forum or conferences

ANCAMTA provides more of the following Capacity Building Activities:

• Capacity Needs Assessments

• Planning capacity building and training

• Providing technical assistance in engineering and management

• Knowledge management

• Application of technology to support capacity building and training

• Sectoral based training

• Livelihood and income generation

• Project cycle management

• Financial resources management

• Leadership development and strengthening good governance

• Legal and policy formulation

• Management development

• Marketing (research, promotions)

• Organizational development

• Peer learning

• Program design and Project management

• Quality management

• Research

• Risk management

• Staffing (selection, development)

• Strategic planning

• Team building