We are ANCAMTA Experts for Water Engineering, Civil Engineering, Management Consulting, Capacity Building, Energy and Mining Sectors. We are based in Hargeisa but we operate in the Somali Peninsula.

Core Values

  1. Innovative: We consistently offer innovative and cost effective and affordable solutions to satisfy customer needs.
  2. Integrity: We use sounds of totality and common honesty among staffs in our business 
  3. Professional: We are professional people committed to providing high quality services to the clients.  
  4. Confidentiality – We work with our clients through the scope of confidentiality and respect of reserved rights.  
  5. Safety: With safety focus in all our activities, we ensure-no accidents, no harm to people, no damage to the environment and security of personnel, property and information.
  6. Corporate Citizenship: We serve our society through building capacity  of government staffs.