We are ANCAMTA Experts for Water Engineering, Civil Engineering, Management Consulting, Capacity Building, Energy and Mining Sectors. We are based in Hargeisa but we operate in the Somali Peninsula.

Management Consulting

ANCAMTA Experts is consulting firm in Somaliland offering management consulting services which cover a wide range of management related disciplines. It deals with improvement if the way organizations work and operational efficiency by utilizing innovative technology and cost effective strategy.

ANCAMTA believes that good management is the key to success of every organization and projects. Our management consulting services support our partners and clients with improving their performance, sustainable benefits, and their better service delivery. ANCAMTA provides guidance, solutions, tools and operational models and services tailored to the needs through negotiation and participation of interesting entities, partners, and clients.

ANCAMTA management consulting services cover:

• Setting up organizations and analyze their SWOT to fulfill their vision and mission

• Preparation of strategies, business, and operational plans

• Project planning, appraisal, and analytical studies

• Development of concept notes, funding proposals and assessment report

• Impact and performance evaluation

• Policy formulation and management frameworks

• Designing and conducting researches

• Conflict sensitive programming

• Applications of computer software with planning and project management

• Good governance and organizational management

• Marketing and private business development

• Feasibility, economic and social studies

• Project audit, monitoring, and evaluation

• Financial and management control systems

• Financial accounting procedures

• Cost and management accounting systems

• Public administration reforms

• Institutional development

• Functional and efficiency reviews

• Field data collection & statistics

• E-libraries of Somaliland development

• Development of performance monitoring

• Talent management & organization design

• Developing standard operational guidelines

• Clarifying roles and responsibilities

• Support SMES with the procurement, bookkeeping, marketing, and sales

• Mitigation of risks in the business organization.

• H human resources growth